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Dry shampoos have been taking the beauty world by storm. And still, most people don’t know about it.

Ultimately, in the Philippines – because of its climate, it is a common occurrence to take a bath twice or once a day and it means washing the hair ever so often.  But washing the hair repeatedly for a day, sometimes, is not the right thing to do. Washing the hair with liquid shampoos and conditioner also washes away the beneficial oils the hair needed.

This is where the dry shampoos come in handy.  Instead of rinsing off hair every time, you can use dry shampoos in between.  A dry shampoo is not a liquid substance but a powder oil-absorbing solution. It helps to maintain a good hair day even if one decided not to wash his/her hair in a day. It can be used in between the weeks to help the hair retain the natural and essential oils it needed to restore or maintain a healthy hair.

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