Fashion: Gender-Bender



Traditionally, the fashion world was divided only into two sections: the men’s wear and women’s wear but as time goes by, the change in fashion world is arising impeccably, hitting even the lines between the two sections. It is 2017 now whereas women wear men’s clobber, it is accepted and called Androgynous Fashion.

So many Fashion Designers have proven and given us the hint that gender-bending fashion is taking over the game. Gucci, Prada, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, have bombarded the Fashion show runway lately with androgynous and quite confusing women’s wear with a twist of men’s wear. Maybe combining women’s and men’s wear is a bit of convenience rather than showing them separately? Kidding aside, the gender – bending fashion has also coincided with the increase of social awareness of LGBT Rights. How posh is that?

It is not only a sign for change and transformation of the fashion world but also a sign of a booming acceptance of LGBT rights and what is currently happening in our world.

The stunning Mary Shelkunova stars in Gender Bender story exclusively captured for Asian TV Channel by fashion photographer Edward Keeler. Styling is work of Ricci Calzado, with beauty from makeup artist Liah Magundayao and hair stylist Iwa Ajinomoto.







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