Skin Care: Essence? What Essence?


BY | Nesthyne Eusebio

Koreans are known for having great skin but it can’t only be because of their inherent genes but also because of their ever so famous korean beauty routine.

A normal Korean beauty routine takes up to 10 steps, from removing makeup down to finishing it off with a face mist. And although many adhere to this 10-step beauty ritual no matter how rigorous and time consuming it may seem, the most important part of it is the essence.

It is dubbed as the heart of the heart of the Korean beauty ritual. It is not a toner but it seems like it. It is also not a serum nor a moisturizer. So what is an essence? An essence is the one you put on your after you cleanse and apply the serum, it is not meant for cleaning, rather, it meant to dug deep and reach the deepest part of the skin. It helps nurture and moisturize as well as balances pH once all the oil has been removed because of cleansing, toning and exfoliating.

And although essence isn’t a really popular part of a beauty routine, it completes the whole essence of a skin care formula.

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