Safe and Stylish: Rainy Day Guide


Don’t let rain ruin your day! You can still be glam and fab but still dry amidst the pouring rain. There is no need to sacrifice your chic style for the weather cause you can add your own twists to the look. Here are some suggestions to turn your style from a “nah” to a win!

Your Statement Piece
A statement piece does not necessarily mean a massive necklace or a crystal-studded bracelet it could be simple accent pieces. For example, a gold watch or a silver necklace. These types of pieces bring a classy touch to any outfit.

Scarves for Days
Some would think that scarves are out of style but this versatile piece of clothing is what you need to give some attitude to your look. Scarves come in various styles ang colors that you won’t run out of ideas. This is also a win-win since it can give you a bit of warmth on chilly nights or windy days.

A Pop of Color
Bring out a playful side of you by adding a pop of color in your OOTD. Usually in this season, people choose to wear darker colors but you can add your personality to the picture. A colorful bag is a great example because it brings out the contrast between light and dark.

Layered and Chic
Layering is a type of style where you can add pieces of clothing that complement each other. In most cases, this also offers a slimming effect to the body. You can start with lightweight pieces like a crop top or a tank top then layer a scarf or a structured jacket. This never goes out of style!

Happy Feet
Rainy season isn’t really the best time for your sandals or slip ons but it is time to bust out your fave boots and make it feel like ~winter wonderland~. Best choice would be the waterproof ones with great designs that could be partnered with any look.

Now you are ready to conquer the day in full gear. Just don’t forget to bring your umbrella!

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