HEALTH: Delay The Signs Of Aging (Diet)


There is a saying that “We are what we eat.” While we all want to live life to the fullest in enjoy every minute of it, time will come wherein our body will soon start to decrease its function. As we age, some foods will have to be eliminated in our diet and replaced by healthier alternatives.

No matter how we take good care of our body, aging is inevitable. As we age, our body’s needs changes. Eating the right foods will not prevent aging but can somehow delay it. Aging can best be described with dry skin and appearance of fine lines, brittleness of bones, and even changes in memory. Here are some of the anti-aging foods that we must include in our diet to make us look and feel younger.

This delicious berry contains more antioxidants than any other food. It reduces fine lines and also gives the skin extra protection from harmful free radicals brought about by sun and chemical exposure.It also promotes cell regeneration to reveal new skin that is soft and firm. Blueberries have a strong color because it contains anthocyanin which is anti-inflammatory. In addition, it slows down the loss of mental function associated with aging.

Cold-Water Fish
We all know that eating fish is healthier than consuming other meat but there are certain types of fish that are not only good for the body but slows down aging as well. Fish like mackerel, salmon, and sardines contains omega-3 fatty acid which keeps moisture inside the skin cell membranes. This makes the hair shiny and the skin healthier. It also reduces skin inflammation and helps to improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is a staple in every kitchen because of its nutritional components. This oil contains omega-3s which improves circulation. With aging, skin becomes dry and consuming foods with healthy fats is the best way to moisturize the skin. Use this oil in your diet to achieve rosy and glowing skin.

Our bones become brittle with aging because of the lack of calcium. Yogurt is rich in calcium which helps prevents osteoporosis. It also contains good bacteria to help reduce age-related intestinal illness.

Dark Chocolate
Unlike the regular milk chocolate, dark chocolate contains flavanols which increase blood flow to the skin. Flavanols also protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun by absorbing UV radiation. Dark chocolate is made with Cocoa beans which helps to reduce inflammation caused by exposure to the sun. Eating dark chocolates increase blood circulation in the skin and improves its ability to keep the skin moisturized. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced which makes the skin younger looking.

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