Skin Care: Guide After Using Makeup


Let’s face it. Most girls are into makeup. Some use it to hide imperfections while some use it to highlight facial features. And whatever reason you may have, we can’t deny that makeups are part of our everyday routine. In fact, the way we look is an expression of what we feel so we tend to use bright colors when we are happy and darker ones for the days when we feel not so good.

Although a majority of makeup users now are cautious in choosing their beauty products, it important to note that no matter how mild the ingredients are, chemicals are still present in cosmetics which can later cause skin problems and irritation. Aside from the chemicals contained in beauty products, the harsh rays of the sun plus everyday stress can cause even more harm to our sensitive skin.

If we can’t get away with using cosmetics, we need to learn proper skincare routine after using our makeup. In so doing, we are saving our skin from premature aging. Preparing our skin before applying our makeup is as important as caring for the skin after we remove the makeup. Here are some simple steps to properly care for your skin right after removing piles of cosmetics.

Never go to sleep with your makeup on. This is probably the most common beauty tip anyone has ever heard but your skin will thank you later for following that basic beauty advice. Layering cosmetic products all over the face won’t allow the skin to breathe and as a result, will clog the pores and cause skin breakouts. To remove the makeup, use a mild cleanser and water to eliminate makeup, excess oil, and dirt from your face. When choosing a facial cleanser, it is important to know your skin type and match it with products that suit your skin needs.

Makeup Removal
After cleansing your face with soap and water, it does not mean that the face is now completely clean and dirt free. Traces of dirt and makeup like mascara are not totally eliminated using just soap and water. Makeup remover or facial wipes are helpful in removing deep-seated dirt and stubborn makeup.

A toner is used after washing and cleaning the face to normalize the skin pH and also to help in closing the pores. When looking for a toner, check for added skin benefits like firming or anti-aging formula so that your skin can get more from a single beauty product.

We all know the importance of using a moisturizer in delaying the signs of aging. And yes, even if you have oily skin, you still have to go through this process. The type of moisturizer to use whether it is gel or liquid will depend on your skin type. Choose a moisturizer with vitamin E to maximize skin repair and healing.

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