BEAUTY: The Only 6 Skin Care Essentials You Need


Korean skin care became immensely popular in just a snap and it’s no wonder why. Most, if not all, of their stars, have glowing, youthful skin that everyone desires. Thus, the infamous “10 step Korean skin care” was a hit! The skin regimen includes different products, such as toner, ampoule, essence, face masks, exfoliator, and more but the question is, do we really need all that?

Whether you’re too busy to follow the steps or you’re just not into it, this article will shed light on the 6 skin care products that your skin needs.

The Only 6 Products You Need

  1.    Cleanser

For one obvious reason, the cleanser is the Holy Grail when it comes to skin care. Imagine all the dirt, oil, and makeup residue gathered in just one day. It’s dreading and at some point, water is just not enough.

Using a cleanser that would address your skin’s primary concern is beneficial. Do you have an oily skin? Are you experiencing acne breakout? Is your skin too dry and flaky? Or is it too sensitive?

  1.    Toner

Most people (and I’m guilty) skip the toning part. However, toners are essential not only because it removes all the makeup and oil you have on your face but also for another reason — it gets your skin ready for whatever it is that you will apply on the latter part.

  1.    Exfoliator

I can’t stress how important it is to use an exfoliator once in a while.  Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, revealing a softer, fresher skin afterward. However, be sure to do this at least two to three times only as over-exfoliating has a downside. Doing this excessively can cause damage to the skin and instead of a supple-looking one, you may have a dry, flaky face.

  1.    Serums

Serums are specially made to brighten, smoothen, and repair the skin. It also has hydrating and anti-aging skin properties that make your skin ten times better! There are serums especially made for one purpose but you can always look for the one that multitasks.

  1.    Specialized Treatments

If you’re experiencing eczema or other skin conditions, it’s necessary to not skip this part. Choosing a product that would address your skin concern and including it in your skin ritual can help you achieve the skin you always wanted.

  1.    Moisturizers

Last, but definitely not the least, moisturizers! Now, this is as important as the first one and it is essential no matter if you have an oily, sensitive, or dry skin. Basically, it functions by hydrating the skin, making it smooth and dewy. Korean moisturizers are one of the best if you want to achieve a doll-like face. You may also use facial oils – these oils are almost the same as the skin’s sebum’s texture, thus, the skin accepts it even better.


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