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SKIN CARE: Say Hello To A Flawless Underarms In 4 Easy Steps 0


We got it – having sexy arms is as important as having killer abs. But how can you showcase such thing if you’re not confident enough to rock a tank top? Discoloration, chicken skin, and bad odors – these are just some of the underarm problems that most of us are dealing with for a long time. This has to stop and we’ve got the perfect solution.

Feel free to check out the 4 easy solutions for a better, more confidently beautiful YOU!

Hands Up, Hair-Free

Hair is the crowning glory – but not on your pits. So, before you raise your hands up, keep your underarms hair-free through the usual method – shaving, plucking, or waxing. But take note: using tweezers or a razor to remove hair might cause serious dark problems.

If you have extra cash (and you realize that you do need to pamper yourself at times), visit a local hair waxing salon on a regular basis. And, if you can burn more money, you can opt for a laser hair-removal instead and remove them for good!

No More Dark Secrets

Shaving, deodorants, hyperpigmentation, and pregnancy – these are just some of the culprits of dark underarms. While some of these needs medical attention, there are still ways on how you lighten up and end the struggle. Remove traces of discoloration by using creams or antiperspirant that are tough on odors and sweat, not on skin. KB Underarm Whitening Spray contains Alpha Arbutin – a potent but safe component for whitening skin and combating body odor. It has no alcohol so you’re confident that your pits are kept moisturized.

Chicken-Skin, Out

Chicken skin is the worst, unless it’s fried (you know what we mean!) So if you’re one of us dreading this dilemma, you better stop it once and for all. One way to reduce this is to exfoliate regularly. Scrub the area using a sponge of loofah to get rid of the dead skin cells and smoothen the skin. You can opt for natural solutions such as an apple cider vinegar, yogurt, or olive oil. Otherwise, use reliable products available in the market.

Bad Odor, Be Gone

Unpleasant smell happens when sweat and bacteria combine, and one way to stop it is by using an antiperspirant that suits you. Stick to unscented deo if you’re worried about bad odor since these only make things worse. It’s also helps to keep a healthy, balanced diet.


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